What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is an installment loan that is repaid over time. It does not require collateral and can be used for any purpose.

How much can I borrow?

At TotalPersonalLoan you can request a loan between $500 and $35,000. The amount you are actually approved for is dependent on a number of factors, including your income, employment, credit history, state of residence and the lender that you are connected with. In the event that you are not approved for a loan amount, you are still eligible to be approved for a lower amount. Simply follow the instructions provided to request a lower amount in real-time.

How long do I have to repay my loan?

The amount of time you are given to repay your loan depends on the type of loan you are connected with. Personal Loans are paid back over multiple payments, typically anywhere between 12 to 60 months. Since we are not a lender ourselves, the exact terms of your loan (including interest rates, repayment periods and monthly payment information) will be presented to you by your lender. Each lender uses their own policies to determine their terms, which often depend on the state you reside in, monthly income and credit history.

Can I be approved for a loan with bad credit?

At TotalPersonalLoan, our network of lenders assess your credit as well as a broad range of criteria to determine your eligibility, including your personal information, employment and state of residence. We work with lenders that provide loans for borrowers with excellent to poor credit.

What are the rates of your loans?

Since we are not a lender ourselves, we do not make credit decisions or determine actual APRs. The lender you are ultimately connected with will present the following with every loan offer: Loan Amount, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and the terms of repayment, among other information regarding your loan.

When will I receive my funds?

When you are connected with a lender you will you will be requested to review your lender's loan agreement. Once you have signed for your loan your funds are released, and typically are available as soon as the next business day.

Are you a lender?

TotalPersonalLoan is not a direct lender. Rather, we connect potential borrowers with prospective lenders participating in our direct lending network. We do not charge a fee to connect borrowers with lenders, our service is completely free.

Is it possible to get an extension on my loan?

Most lenders offer loan extensions and alternative repayment options in special circumstances. We recommend that you contact your lender directly to discuss the options available to you.

Can I only make a loan request during business hours?

TotalPersonalLoan accepts loan requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our network of lenders is open at all times, unlike conventional banks that are only open during business hours. Once you are approved on our site, you will receive instructions on how to finalize your loan with your lender.

What if I have questions about my loan?

If you have any questions or concerns about your loan, these should be directly addressed with your lender.

Is it safe to use this site?

TotalPersonalLoan utilizes industry standard security protocol and enhanced 256-bit data encryption technology to ensure that your information is safe and secure while using our site.

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